Social Media and REALLY making it happen!!

It is 2,5 years ago that we really started using the Social Media more and more to generate business. When we moved to Spain in the second half of 2008 to expand our business we needed to find and meet people on the Spanish market. We started to use Linkedin to build up our network and connected to the people living there. Within no time we were able to get 80% of our new business from Linkedin! No aggressive approach…but really connecting,  showing interest in people and building trust!

I saw the value of the Social Media but was still using it at a one on one base.

The ultimate challenge and really diving into the power of Social media was in the beginning of 2011: I was asked by the Women Information Network from the US to join them in creating the March 8th awareness: the 100th International WomensDay. I had 9 weeks to reach out to women and together organize events in the Netherlands … I did not really have a very female network so I had to find them

On January 1st I started posting messages asking for help in Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. Had no idea what to expect so when I had a list of 60 names within 3 days I was pleasantly surprised.

So I had the help but I needed more, started talking to people and started asking for more. Since everything just happened using the Social Media I started asking for beautiful locations, speakers, PR people, website builders, photographers, technicians, donations, sponsoring, etc. The people I was already in contact with started posting it in their network and within days and sometimes even within moments we had what we were asking for. I was impressed and grateful.

Long story short. Within our limited time range we had great teams organizing up to 10 events where we could welcome almost 1500 women. Great events with a lot of energy. My number of Twitter followers grew with 800 people and I had almost 200 more Linkedin connections. People finding me instead of me finding them.

It has also been great for business and we have great new contacts we are talking to right now. I have seen it work. Start giving, start believing, start asking, start building, start paying it forward using Social Media!!

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