Fit4Change Joins Program “Women Helping Women”

It has been almost 2 years ago that I found out about the Women Information Network (TheWINonline), an online women’s  network with a very special mission:  “to strengthen women and families worldwide through education, enlightenment, and entrepreneurism in an effort to eradicate poverty and hunger and increase the level of love and peace on earth.”

A network I have seen growing and expanding its vision. In a short time becoming a network reaching out to women all over the globe.

In December 2010 we decided to work more closely together when I became the Event Director the Netherlands for the 100th Celebration of the International Women’s Day. An event that fitted perfectly  in my Giving Back plan. In less than 2 months we were able to put more than 10 events together and celebrated with over a 1000 women in the Netherlands. But we were also part of events initiated by theWIN in over 150 countries!

But this was not enough…immediately  after March 8th 2011, theWIN contacted us to become part of the Global Women’s Summits: 12 Countries to visit all over the Globe and Amsterdam just had to be part of it!

GWS Paula Fellingham

Paula Fellingham, Founder and CEO of TheWINonline, together with Ambassador Mokhtar Lamani,  the former Director of the United Nation’s IOC (Islamic Organization Conference) knew that this team of women could create visionary events and help deliver a message of peace and hope both in person and online. They could give women the platform for finding solutions to the challenges they face. Ambassador Lamani assured Paula and her team that they can succeed because, “When you come from a loving, pure place, and your mission is to be of service to others, with no hidden personal or political agendas, women will feel safe and will be willing to share what’s in their hearts. When you help them identify their fears and their concerns they will be able to work past those handicapping emotions and work together to find solutions.”

Again in less than 2 months we have been able to organize a fantastic day! We brought a great group of women together, had inspirational speakers, passionate award winners and an environment where women were able to speak out and open their hearths.

During the process of organizing the event I received an email form one of my male linkedin contacts, who wrote we he “was a strong believer that strong, powerful women are the architects of change”. Especially after this event I do believe he is right!

This was only the start. It is the vision of TheWIN for  2012 to have a Global Women’s Summit that is growing into 100 groups of women visiting 10 cities each, duplicating the success of the Global Women Summit 2011.

I am very greatful to be part of this life changing event and thank my team in the Netherlands (Sandra Kok and Danique van der linden) for making it happen!

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