It is all about Passion…and Money!

In my role as the Event Director for the Global Women’s Summits Amsterdam I had to find 5 Award Winners for Outstanding Leadership. Women who have made great contributions in day to day life, women who ACT and really make a change!

I asked the help of all my contacts on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc… I was amazed by the number of responses. You have no idea how many women have been nominated…each doing wonderful work and making a difference for many people.

To really get to know the women and listen to their stories I visited a small group. What a wonderful stories, what a PASSION these women have to really make it happen.

I had a chance to meet with Sister Lucy from Maher in India, building a village for women and children who otherwise had no place to go. What a warm hearth this women has! There were Esther van Neerbos and Jeanette Kruit with their special Signi search dogs who travel all over the globe to find people after earthquakes, tsunamis, flooding, etc to give missing loved ones back to their families. There was Leida Schuringa of the Quality Centre of refugee women, helping women to build up their self confidence and find their place in society. There was Angelique van t Riet building a platform for stray dogs connecting with many organizations worldwide. There was Ineke Hurkmans, building her concept Jump! to empower women and working hard to duplicate it all over the globe. There was Els Gebbink, building a huge company worldwide to help people build a solid financial future.

Great women with an enormous drive!

In my day to day life building my company showing people they can build a future based on Physical, Mental and Financial Balance, we show them there is an opportunity to earn a lot of money. People often respond that “it is not always about money”. I do believe they are right … it is not about money…but it IS about the great things you can do with that money!

Almost all these fabulous women who won the awards at the Global Women’s Summit Amsterdam shared their biggest concern: MONEY!! They can only keep on doing what they are doing if they find ways to bring in the money to pay for it.

I believe that if  you want to live a happy life, you have to find your Passion and work on it! But you also have to find your money machine to really make it happen!!

That is where we come in … and believe me if I talk to people who are looking for an opportunity and I do not see any Passion at all…this is not the person I would like to work with! I look for people with Passion and a Drive … like the women who won the awards!

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