You have a Choice to Create Your Own Future: Amsterdam July 14 and 15!

This is the story about a couple who earned their first million in the middle of the crisis in the eighties. Since then they have created a multibillion dollar business and as long as they live will continue creating  awareness that what they have done is out there for everyone!

July 14 and 15 2012  they are in Amsterdam to share their Vision and the show you HOW!

(If you are not able to travel to Amsterdam please contact us for more info)

Ralph and Cathy Oats were very average Americans, truck driver for 23 years and a stay-at-home mom, when they realized they really had to make a change to be able to give their daughters a good education. There was no money and knew that hoping and wishing that their situation would change was not going to bring in that money.

Their choice to change started by selling water filters and educating people to do the same. Although they build a huge organization in 6 years time and earned a lot of money they realized there was not enough Vision towards the future and quit.

Almost 20 years ago  they started their own company, Wellness International Network. They had a strong Vision how to build a company with a strong foundation that would be able to offer many people worldwide to build a solid financial future.

They translated Vision into a Businessmodel and into an Infrastructure that would give them the opportunity to expand worldwide.  They set up a training program that would help many people to become successful in times of growth and in times of economic crisis.

Ralph and Cathy still travel the world to stay in touch with their people and train and coach them.

But they also travel the world to create awareness that what they have done is out there for everyone. Still looking for entrepreneurial people who see crisis as opportunity and who are always looking for new ways to do business.

In July 2012  Ralph and Cathy are in Amsterdam to share their Vision and YOU are invited!

Please let us know if you want to create your own future and be be part of this event!


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