Our Expansion – Your Opportunity!!

Are you planning the next step in your career? Are you always open for new opportunities? Are you entrepreneurial, do you have passion and a drive to make things happen? Then you really have to explore our Expansion Plans!

Instead of sitting back and wait for the storm in the economy to pass we are expanding our worldwide network of entrepreneurs. We focus on growth and expansion, make people start dreaming again and show them how to dream BIG.

Our focus…to create time and money freedom and more balance in life!

Instead of showing people how to look for the next job, we want to make them think and start creating their own future. But not alone! With a team of experienced business builders we train and coach people to their success. Success that is based on creating multiple income streams. Income streams that take care of today but also of the future (passive income)


What do we do?

We build a network of entrepreneurs who we train and coach to build a successful business. Because we add high quality products in a fast growing industry to this network, and by using ecommerce, we are able to create money streams that would otherwise be lost in traditional trade or marketing campaigns.

We work a simple marketing plan to expand the consumer base based on word of mouth advertising and sampling.

This year we celebrate 20 years of success and are proud we have been listed in the Top 500 for Companies with the Best Image in The Netherlands for the 4th year in a row! Every year moving up and ended 84 in 2012!!


Who are we looking for?

Because we are expanding our network we are looking for Biz Partners in The Netherlands, USA, Germany, UK, Belgium, Spain, Australia, Turkye

Are you ready to make a change or want more information?

Please contact us:





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