Are YOU living YOUR dreams?

Last week one of my business partners Jos at age 51 climbed the Mont Blanc with success!! For him a dream come true … for me so great to have seen this guy starting dreaming again and really making it happen!

I met Jos 6 years ago. He had responded to one of our adds for a new business partner. If we had asked  a headhunter  to find this business partner, I am sure he would not have been selected 🙂 Typical psychologist, bit shy, not really the outgoing guy. But already during our first meeting there was this connection we made. He was really looking for an opportunity and thinking about starting a business because he was stuck in his job. He worked in several institutions who offer help to children and teenagers with autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, etc. He loved his work but hated the bureaucracy with long waiting lists and the care that did not match the need of his clients.

Jos decided to become our business partner and made a trip to Dallas with me  for training at the headquaters of Wellness International. This turned out to be a life changing experience. During that trip he started realizing he was not living his life…he was not following his dreams. Right there he realized that it was he himself who had to decide what to do with his life and no one else. AND HE DID!!

Jos started his own psychology practice 5 years ago and has been very successful since. He started to build his business with Wellness International and a lot of his clients benefitted from the products.

One of the things he set his mind on was mountaineering. He was already a sporty guy but now started training to be able to climb the Mont Blanc (4810m), the highest mountain in Europe, de ruler of the Alps but also the giant where on average 50 people get killed each year. It was his dream and he just had to go for it.

His determination, long hours of training and the help of the products of Wellness International brought him where he wanted to be:   On August 28th 2012 at age 51 he made it to the top!

Five years after his decission to make a change he was where and who he wanted to be!

For me a great example that it is YOU who has to decide to make a change…and it is YOU who has to make it happen. Is it allways easy…of course not. Will it be a bumpy road…of course. Will there be challenges…of course. But do you have any idea how great it feels to realize you are living YOUR dreams and it was YOU who made it happen?

Sometimes people ask me what keeps me motivated in this business. This is what keeps me motivated! Do you have any idea how many people like Jos there are in the world. Love to see people change, love to see them making choices, love to see them start living again …

How about you? Are you living your life? Are you living your dreams? What is your Mont Blanc and and you taking action to make it happen?




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