Work Smarter: the Power of Multiple Income Streams!

Couple of years ago when we showed people the power of multiple income streams, it was almost a NO GO!

People were very focused on being the expert in one line of business. Had a job working hard for their monthly paycheck or had a business and needed to make that business successful.

The current economic situation has opened up many peoples minds and we see they are looking for opportunities to bring in these multiple incomestreams. Some of them take an extra job and start exchanging more hours for money, Some of them start building small business on the site. Traditional business with all the extra hours, investments and risk.

The key to succes is to focus on multiple incomestreams that will start working for you once you have put the initial energy in it: Work Smarter!!

If you keep on exchanging hours for money (direct income) it is always limited. Limited as far as the number of hours you can work. Also great risk…when you do not work there is no money coming in!

If you start duplicating YOU and training and coaching people to really do it successfully and you do that in a system, you will earn a small percentage over their success! This is a residual or passive income stream. You by yourself will never be able to outwork a group of people.

A residual or passive incomestream will  outgrow your direct income stream. A residual income stream does not depend on the number of hours you make. A residual income stream will solve many financial challenges we will be facing in the future like payment for your retirement. A residual income stream also make you less dependent of the economic situation.

Will this grow by itself? Absolutely not! You have to start building it!

So what will your focus be … exchange more hours for money or start looking for that opportunity that offers you that residual income stream?




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