The New Economic Reality

The last couple of weeks I attended several international events for entrepreneurs. What struck me again was that so many entrepreneurs were still talking about the recession and the crisis in the economy. They were hoping and wishing that things would go back to what it had been before, that things would go back to normal in their businesses.

Everyone? NO not everyone!

At one of the events a very successful entrepreneur was being interviewed and they wanted to know what he thought about the crisis and if he thought there was light shining at the end of the tunnel.  His answer was what I was really looking for!

Why would you want things to go back to normal? The reason the recession started was because the economy was not functioning anymore. We are in a new time, a new millenium, a new economy, a new generation. We are ready for new ways of thinking, new ways of building businesses, new ways of people working together, new businessmodels.

In other words: We have a New Economic Reality and that is ALL we have!


This is a great starting point and now we have to start building again. Building a new economy with a solid foundation towards the future!

But what you see mostly happen is that big corporations keep on building on the old foundation. The government is building on the old foundation. But things really need to change! Building a new foundation to start building a new future.

I can´t wait to see what is going to happen … how about you


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