Look for a Future instead of a Job!

The past six months we did an add campaign looking for INDEPENDENT MARKETING ASSOCIATES. We have received a lot of applications and have been talking to a lot of people. I would like to share with you our experience.

We received responses from people with great backgrounds, highly educated, long resumes, of all age groups and all cultural backgrounds. Many of them already looking for a job for a longer period of time or going from one job to another on short contracts.  But also young people, just graduated, who have ended up in a job market that does not look very positive.

Although in our description we state we are looking for INDEPENDENT associates and build an international network of entrepreneurs, the minute people hear they are not applying for a job, they let me know it is not for them. They are looking for the security as an employee.

Many of them I still see very active on Linkedin looking for that job or after several months again experiencing the fact they have to look for the next job. Even letting me know that by now they realize they will have to look for something that is beneath their level of education or experience.


Again and again I am surprised that so many well educated people let others control their future instead of taking control of their own future! The Economy has changed! But our way of thinking has not changed. We are educated to find a job so we are looking for that job. Well maybe you have to start looking for a future, a future that you can create!

Starting your own business in this New Economic Reality might be a huge and risky decision. That is why we work from a platform where we offer people to start their business from a standardized concept and train and coach them to their success. In other words a team of experienced business builders will be there to support them.

Being in a New Economy we offer new ways of thinking, a new business model very much focused on the future and different money and income streams. Money streams that not only generate income now but also in the future. We also believe that life is very much about creating a balance: physical, mentally and financially. Working when, where and with who you want!

What you make of this company depends on your vision, your passion, your actions. Here is where your background comes in! It is YOU that makes it happen and it is YOU who will be paid on your results. And YOU can make it BIG!

If you feel you seriously want to explore this opportunity then please let us know

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