All … For Nothing!

Over the past 11 years I have been building a great international network of entrepreneurial people. People from all sorts of backgrounds, different cultures, nationalities, ages, gender, educational level, with great resumes, or just starting their career. People who have already build their own business, people with a corporate background or people who just graduated.

The things they all have in common is they really want to make a change in life, more balance, a great lifestyle and a big desire…a passion!

Before I start working with them I really want to figure out if their desire, their WHY is strong enough to really go out and make it happen. This is one of the hardest things to do for many of them: sit down and really figure out what they want out of life. In the past they have been so busy doing what they think they should be doing or what everyone else thinks they should be doing. They totally forgot what THEY wanted or even tell me: no one ever asked me that question before! Funny! They should have been asking that question themselves!

Anyway…the moment I think we really have that WHY in place, we make that plan how to get there. They know what they want, they really feel like getting there asap, they know how to get there, but then…when it really comes to the DOING part people surprise me over and over again!

The moment they start working their plan they are so vulnerable. The small bumps in the road are like major setbacks. The people around them who do not share their vision, can so easily steal their dream. It amazes me over and over again, how fast people let go of their dreams, their desire, their passion and run back to the place they came from! The place they were not happy, but feels so comfortable.

They want it all…but they do not want do the uncomfortable things to really make it happen

I do believe that if your WHY is REALLY in place then there is no bump in the road that gets you of track, there is no one who can steal your dream! You do it until you do it without any excuses…until you get there!

So…is your WHY really so big you will make it happen?


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