Not Everyone will Understand Your Vision…and that is okay!

People keep surprising me!

In a good way but also in a not so good way!

The business I have been creating over the past 12 years is very much about awareness.
Awareness that you have a choice to create your own future.
Awareness that how big or how small it ends up is your choice and depends on your thoughts and your actions.
You have your journey to travel and not someone else’s.

Sometimes this means that you will chose to walk a different road then others. That is okay!
Not everyone will understand your Vision…and that is okay!
It was your choice to take that exit and they will continue their path.

No problem some of you will say.
It should not be a problem if the other people would respect your choice and give you the opportunity to make your own mistakes … like you would do with your children. If they do not fall they will never learn how to ride that bike!
In the big world a lot of the time it is a problem.
There are a lot of people out there who feel they know how life should be lived. They will tell you that you made bad choices and that you will have to return to the pack! This is not unique…we all know these people!!

But what is more important…what will you do when this happens? Will you continue your journey because you knew you took the right exit…or will you go back to the pack?

Imagine what the world would have looked like if people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Thomas Eddison, Mark Zuckerburg, mr Ford and many many more would have gone back to the pack…

It is your life, your choice, your success!


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