VISION…Never Lose Sight of What You Can’t See!

If anyone asks me what I am selling I will answer “Vision”. Most of the time this is also when the confusion starts.

If you look up the meaning of (business) Vision, Wikipedia will tell you “the capacity to envisage future market trends and plan accordingly”. So as an entrepreneur you see something happening in the future and you start creating it. It does not say: you wait until it happens, but it says that you are the one that is going to make it happen. For loads of people this is where they step out of your conversation because this is way over their heads.

I remember a story that I was told many years ago about 2 people from the corporate Disney organization visiting Disneyland Paris for the grand opening. They were visiting the park and suddenly one of the two says “If only the late Walt Disney could see this”. The other guy acts surprised and says “He did see it, otherwise it would never have happened”

I do believe he saw it and did everything he could do to make it happen.

When I look at my business most people see products and wonder how these products are going to be sold.

When I look at my business I see a worldwide network of people making a change, people choosing to build a different future, becoming entrepreneurs, personal development, growth into more and more countries, expanding the consumer base, adding more products, more people enjoying life, traveling, giving back projects, huge events to inspire people and much more. I see my children and grandchildren, even my great grand children stepping into this business and supporting more and more people to make that change. People from all ways of life, cultural background, age, gender, education, experience… People using products and sampling them…it is gonna be soooo big!

So why is it that most of the time the next question is “So who do you sell these products to …?”

What do I sell…Vision!

I am looking for open minded people I can share my Vision with. People who never lose sight of what they can’t see!

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