BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again!

Almost 20 years I have been working in a corporate environment. I was a Sales and Marketing manager in the ICT industry. I had some great years there: the market was growing and companies expanding. Everything was great…until right after the millennium! The total industry collapsed and that changed everything. Reorganizations, restructuring, people losing there jobs and much much more.

The atmosphere within the company changed. The competition in the company was a bigger problem then the competition outside. There was no more US but everything went back to I. As long as they kept their job everything was okay. But that was only for a short period of time… the next reorganisation was on the way.

In that time I was also studying again: CHANGE management (of course!) and what we saw people do in situations like that we called BOHICA: Bend Over Here It Comes Again…hoping and wishing that the storm would pass and they would keep their job.

Twelve years ago I decided I had enough of that environment and started my own company. A company associated with a US based business partner. I love the fact that instead of focussing on products or services, we are building a company with a focus on people. Training and coaching people to start and build their business using a standardized concept. Building an international network of entrepreneurial people:

I had never before worked within an environment with so much positive energy and people not complaining and hiding but wanting to take the next step.

Over de past 23 years our business partner has been able to constantly be aware of what is happening in the market and implemented minor changes in product lines or business model whenever necessary. This way we have been able to grow no matter what happened in the economy.

Until now… with a very sharp vision has decided to really make this company ready for the future. No minor changes, but introducing a complete new company build on the very strong foundation of the old one. This will means CHANGE into every corner of the company and the network of entrepreneurs.

In a traditional corporate environment I would have expected fear, anger, resistance … BOHICA!!

Instead I am amazed of what I have seen happening the last couple of weeks. I have seen joy, enthusiasm, creativity, new plans … I feel the enormous energy of all the people! This is what happens if you focus on the people, on their growth and development, if you listen to what is happening, if you keep a constant focus on the economy and the future …. This is what real leadership is all about!

Right now we are in the middle of preparing the launch of our new business. We are looking for potential leadership in different areas in the US and Europe. If you are looking for that change and ready for the next step, please feel free to contact us!

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