Too Old To Start Something New?

In the past 12 years I just love to work with people of all age groups in my company. Just love the kids who just finished their education and really are looking for new ways to build their future. Love their eagerness, creativity, speed. They grew up in another time and I am very much aware that I have something to teach them as well as the fact that I can learn much from them. Love the 30 and 40 age group who are still in the middle of building their career, have busy families and want that combination with a great lifestyle and balance. Love the 50plus group with a lot of experience but still willing to build something new. Aware they are not at the end of their career but can create something new with a lot of passion. Also love the group of people who could just sit back and relax…enjoy their retirement but have too much energy to stop working, creating, building.

It is the combination of all the age groups that makes it such a great working environment

Right now I am 56 years old but feel like 30 and am not even planning to quit building my business…there are still so many opportunities out there!

The last couple of months our business associate announcement major changes in businessmodel, markets, business culture etc. My first reaction?

Do I still want this at my age?

Well that only lasted for 10 minutes! The founder of the company is 74 years old and he decided that he wanted to build one more successful company before his planned retirement at age 94, a complete new company with a strong vision towards the future. I thought when he can do it…I can! I am happy I decided I was not going to make a decision based on my age. I just love to work and love the new energy. I will commit myself for the next 20 years. Will I love it when I see the kids take over … absolutely! But I want to be there to make it happen as a team.

This is a message to all those people my age and older…we love to work with you! There is still so much work to be done and we owe it to our children and grandchildren to create a better future.

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