About us

Ingun Bol-de Bock, is an entrepreneurial woman who is always looking for new challenges. She has a wide experience in Sales and Marketing in the IT industry. After a career of almost 20 years in a corporate environment, she started her own business Fit4Change in the beginning of 2003. She wanted to create more balance in life but at the same time create a big business working with people all over the world and share her business experience. She wants to create the awareness that people have a choice to make a change. That there is more out there than the traditional ways of building a living and creating income streams. Show people that they can focus on their dreams and use their talents to make things happen.

Fit4Change is a company specialized in building a worldwide network of entrepreneurs. People who are being trained and coached to build a successful business using a standardized business concept. Right now Fit4Change works together with hundreds of brandpartners in many countries and is still expanding. The main focus for the next years is to create leadership in different areas in the world.

Since Ingun has a wide interest and loves to bring people together she is involved in many other projects. As International Event Director for the Women Information Network (US based virtual network) she has been able to connect women worldwide. She is a strong believer that powerful women are the architects of change and women will play an important role in really making change happen in this world. Her role as connector of women and organizations worldwide turns out to be of importance to really make things happen.
Business wise she has turned her involved in women projects worldwide into a business goal to show women that they can chose for success, for growth, for big!

“We create entrepreneurs and use a business model that guarantees people that they will be coached and trained to their success”


Fit4Change is very much aware that we have to build businesses in a way that people are able to create more balance in life: Physical, Mental en Financial Balance! “We give people the opportunity to build their own international business while being part of a team of experienced business builders ”

Fit4Change works in many countries and with people with all kinds of backgrounds, careers, education, cultures, ages, etc. But this is not as important as having a Passion and a Drive to make it happen!

Right now we are looking for people in different countries!
If you are ready to make a change and are interested to see if we can be part of your future…please get in touch!