Fit4Change is build on our dream to create more Balance en more Freedom in life! To be able to make that happen we had to step back from traditional business and create a situation that we would be able to duplicate our success to an expanding group of people.

Stepping away from traditional business can be scary unless you are willing to explore business models with a real VISION towards the future. We were aware that we had a choice. The choice that if we wanted our future to change, that WE had to change.

Since 2003 Fit4Change is associated with WINWorldwide. A company that offers a business platform to those who want to make that change. Right now we are very excited to share that we are in the middle of the launch of a complete new business model build on the existing foundation!

WINworldwide is a company with a strong vision to help as many people worldwide to build their business with a stable financial future. A company build on a solid foundation with 30 years of experience in the network marketing industry.

In the past 23 years the company has already shown to be able to deal with different changes in the economy by making adjustments in the product lines and the business model.With a strong vision towards the future right now there will be a total restructure program involving every part of the company (disruptive innovation).


The new high end product line will be in the strong internationally growing market of superfood. With the help of experts in this industry a very innovative and natural product line has been developed that will be on the high end of the market for the years to come. The product line also gives the company the opportunity to expand faster internationally and reach out to more people worldwide.

The new business model is much simpler with the potential for everyone to earn money fast. But there will be more opportunities to make it big and expand to different areas in the world. The business model not only offers 12 different potential income streams but in addition a luxury car program and college funds.

More then ever it will be a people business with the opportunity for everyone to develop their business according to their talents and their plan. There already is a lot of business experience and leadership in many areas and the infrastructure of training centers is in place.

You can be part of this ground floor opportunity! We are looking for potential leadership in many areas in the USA and Europe.

Please contact us for more information!!