Over the past almost 14 years Ingun has been building a large international network of entrepreneurs. Because of the growing network,the passive income streams have been growing and that gave her more time to spend on different projects. Projects mostly focused on women.

Doing these projects with women and growing my business turned out to be a great combination. More and more women chose to join our business.

We love to show them that they can start dreaming again and that they can dream BIG. Our business model has the potential for BIG so why focus on small?

If we look at the situation in our country, the Netherlands, statistics show that still 52% of the women are financially dependent. Still a huge number …

We want to show more women that they have a choice! They have a choice to build their own future! They can build their own business while being part of a team of experienced business builders. The platform is there, the business model works, the products are fabulous and we have a plan to really make it happen!

Are you ready for the next step, do you want to be part of this group of women building a future, do you have passion, a drive to make things happen and do you love to work with people … let us know!!